Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Missing In Action 'til Summer Solstice

A good quarter of my posts are how I fail at being blogger. I'm inconsistent with writing, I don't promote my blog and what's weird is I do feel like I'm constantly creating but I never take the time to sit down and put it out there for others to read. Here we are half way through the year and I've only written one; it's shameful. I'm only a couple short days from my birthday with no real plans to celebrate, which I'm not entirely mad about, I'm more annoyed I haven't kept up with writing especially because of how I feel after I complete a post. Accomplished, happy, energized... but summer is finally here and that always gives me a boost. I'm hoping to have many more adventures to share. Until then enjoy the photos from my raging weekend of yesteryear above, I'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday on Saturday.

Share with me your summer plans, I promise I'll be back.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Night on Broadway 2018

I've been meaning to write this post for the last two weeks so I'd have my first post of the year be in January but here it is and it's almost Valentine's day! Anyway, what this post is all about is the last weekend of January with not much to do I found myself at Night on Broadway - a tribute to celebrating a decade of "Bringing Back Broadway". Exploring the street from First all the way to Olympic with endless rows of food trucks, outdoor bars, art displays, concerts, a ferris wheel and a GIANT harp attached to the top of a downtown building (aka the EARTH HARP). My personal favorite is the six historic theaters open to freely walk around and admire the unique architecture. 

I might have to make this a yearly tradition -- and it's not bad that's free too ;)

Monday, November 13, 2017

One year ago today...

I am a lover of most, if not all, animals. I grew up with MANY pets -- dogs, cats, turtles, rats, lizards, fish, bunnies, etc. Though my favorite has always been cats... I know, I know. They're evil little demons who will eat your face if you die alone in your house while your dog will starve to death before they ever think of doing such a thing. Well... survival of the fittest I say! LOL.

But seriously, this is the story of my first pet adoption as an adult and how Cider was the chosen. I really wanted a cat and our apartment unfortunately doesn't allow dogs so we spent time looking for adoption centers. We searched for two weeks and for some reason it was legitimately hard to find a place in our area that actually had a decent selection to choose from. Finally I came across Adopt & Shop Culver City (click to learn more) and I was thrilled to see so many kittens and cats. The staff was so wonderful and helpful from the moment we walked in. The facility was clean and had plenty of "play rooms" for potential pet parents to spend some time with the babies. We played with about 5-6 different kittens hoping to find that one playful, friendly and hopefully not skittish cat. Having liked all of them but none standing out I was thinking we'd have to come back another day BUT I noticed some back cages with a litter of kittens in each and then ONE little baby by herself. Apparently she had had a cold but she was all better so we could play with her. 

We played with her and she was playful and like climbing into our laps so we told her to "meow" if she wanted to come home with us, she climbed up to us and let out the cutest little mew -- she was the winner ;) We kept the name the center gave her because it just seemed to fit and she's been such a great addition to our home bringing joy all year... except at 4am when she decides to run track across the living room but you know, CATS. 

If you're looking to adopt I recommend checking out one of the many Adopt and Shop locations, they're amazing! Also they team up with SNPLA (click to learn more) for discounted vaccines, the Culver City spot is the first Saturday of every month and we go for all of Cider's boosters and vaccines. 

Check out Adopt & Shop Culver City Yelp: CHECK HERE


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Where To Get Drunk With Your Bae (WTGDWYB) Part I: Seven Grand/Mas Malo

This fun little series is about where to get drunk with your significant other. There have been times where our friends are being lame and can't get the evenings plans together so we had out for a night out on our own or we just want get a few drinks, which sometimes turn into a long night. This will be a list of our favorite spots with tips about atmosphere, drinks, etc. 

Seven Grand is a great little whiskey bar located above Mas Malo in Downtown Los Angeles. This place is great if you enjoy some good whiskey, they have a nice selection. There's what I call like a cabin decor -- wood walls, dark colored furniture, deer heads, antlers, small deer lamps and so on. Although a little pricey this is a great place to chill and have drinks while shooting some pool and smoke some cigars, side note: there's a small selection of cigars in the back corner bar.

Don't miss out on this spot, great place to get carried away for the night with just you and your person. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

World Series Heartbreak

If you have read my blog before you have to know I have deep love for the Los Angeles Dodgers. You would also have to know that I was extremely excited for them to be in the World Series, their first time since 1988. And lastly, you would have to know how utterly sad I am that we lost in Game 7 last night. I appreciate the fact that we at least made it and were able to have a fairly decent series and that it wasn't a total blow out. But man to be so close and not to take it all at home is rough.

I just have to say -- Boys in Blue, I still love you.
Until next year.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mini Korean Beauty Haul

I have heard so many great things about Korean beauty products for such a long time that I finally had to try some out for myself. I highly recommend checking out Amazon for some great steals and there's plenty of reviews to read so you can pick what's best for you and your skin type.

Product #1: MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream - it has 74% snail secretions, I know EW right? But snail secretions are packed with nutrients that are in most skin care products already so you're basically getting the good stuff directly from the source! Even better this one is a 2 - pack! Check it out here.

Product #2: ETUDE HOUSE Collagen Eye Patch - as I think most people know collagen has many benefits that aren't just limited to your skin care but it is a building block for elasticity and necessary for reducing signs of aging. You can get this in packs of 10, check it here.

Product #3: ETUDE HOUSE My Lash Serum - I love this serum! I'm unsure of what ingredients are directly beneficial for eye lash growth but it seems to work; making my lashes fuller. I even use some on my brows and it makes a difference.
Find it here.

Product #4: MLMSY Life Hospital Collagen Lip Gel Mask - again with the collagen! People I'm telling you it's like magic. Softens lips and fine lines around your mouth reducing the signs of aging. My boyfriend says I look like I'm from Silence of the Lambs, "it puts the lotion on the skin" lol. Check it out here if you don't mind the serial killer look.

Share with me your favorite skin care/beauty products in the comments below; and don't forget to subscribe!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer 2017 - RECAP

After being MIA for most of the summer I'm here to do a recap of some of the fun I've been having - mostly in picture :) Hopefully you've been killin' your summer as well. 
Scroll through and enjoy!

Mother's Day with the best there is - Creole/Cajun lunch in Santa Barbara
One of  many Dodger games
SKYSLIDE at SkySpace in DTLA.
Father's Day at 6 Flags with my dudes :)

I turned 30 on June 23rd... I surprised myself & kept it lowkey, spending the weekend with my family. I didn't even take a pictures - except this silly one the next day. I was trying to get a picture with Cider cat but she slipped away right as I took it. She hates me haha. Can't complain 30 feels pretty good.
Spent 4 days in Encinitas and San Diego, celebrating a birthday and eating and drinking NON STOP
...but good people, good food and good drinks is the best.
Enjoying the Dragon Bowl at BANG BANG SUSHI/BAR - so good it sneaks up on ya!

Another Dodger game... of course!


One of many Twilight Concerts on the Beach
Beach, drinks, music.
Stop on the way home from a day trip to Palm Springs
Dinosaur Museum

Babe's Cowboys play the Rams in preseason